Clean Your Windshield That is Vital for Road Safety

At all times, the windshield of the car must be in perfect condition, both physical and cleaning. It seems somewhat inconsequential, but this element is fundamental in the safety of passengers since it influences the visibility of the driver and the structure of the vehicle. Therefore, we present some basic tips related to windshield cleaning and resistance:

The windshield must keep clean because at least 90% of the information received while driving comes through the view. On the road, especially in the rainy season, insects make their appearance stamped on the front of the car. Its remains on the glass are difficult to clean, so you have to do it regularly so as not to compromise visibility or damage the windshield wipers.

Clean Your Windshield

It is very important to bring an adequate level of windshield washer fluid because when we are running, and an insect collides with the glass, it can leave a large stain that hinders visibility — two tips on this point. Using the windshield wipers with liquid when we wear the sun in front will cause us to see almost nothing for a few seconds, an effect that accentuated with their wear. On the other hand, although it may seem that an occasional “drizzle” serves to clean the windshield, on many occasions, it only makes it even dirtier because the air loaded with dust.

It would help if you cleaned it well, it is best to moisten a towel with water and some soap or household cleaning product, leaving it on overnight. For very persistent stains, you can use a little baking soda on a microfiber cloth.

On the other hand, the dryness of the environment and the high temperatures cause more dust and sand to rise. Also, the cracks of the asphalt dilated by the heat, dust accumulates, which the cars lift in their path. Under these circumstances, the windshield wipers must not be activated, as they could damage and scratch the glass; Ideally, the car should clean with air and water under pressure. If this is not possible, it is best to take a container with water in the car, to remove most of the sand from the crystals and be able to drive safely before undertaking a deep cleaning.

Clean Your Windshield

It should consider that thermal differences generate large tensions in the crystals, making them more vulnerable to cracking; such a condition causes an impact to result in an irreparable breakage and that a damaged windshield ends up cracking unexpectedly.

If the windshield suffers a considerable impact, the specialist should be consulted as soon as possible for repair, whenever possible, to avoid replacement. A repaired windshield recovers 100% of its original conditions and stiffness, which has demonstrated in numerous independent studies.

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