How to Align The Dodge Charger Car Headlight

Working in cars can be a pleasant hobby that not only relaxes you, but they execute such a task. Whether your car hit in the front, a new body kit installed, or the white 9004 led headlight bulb just never aligned properly, aligning your car’s headlights can complete in a few minutes of work.

Align 9004 Led Car Light Bulb

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1. Park the car in front of a dark wall. This process worked best when sunset or sunrise arrived when the lights look better on the wall and give a more accurate view of how the lights of your equipment today. Turn on the low beams on.

2. Instruct your assistant to sit in the car and see where the lights are hitting. Whatever the light is higher on the wall will be the light that aligns the other with at the beginning.

3. Pop the hood and examine the top of the driver’s side headlight. There should not be a screw in the center of the top of the headlight to adjust the car headlight light clearance. Using the screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise to make the beam of brightness lower and turn counterclockwise to make a point of the beam higher on the wall.

4. Use the adjusting screws to align the two low beam headlights and then turn on the high beam of the vehicle and check the alignment again. Use your assistant’s feedback to discern where and how much to move the beams.

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