How to Fix Dodge Charger Factory Fender Silencer Defect

Today I’m going to show you how to install the silencer that was missing in the passenger fender liner. I’m gonna show you guys how you could remove the bumper without removing the wheels and I’m going to show you how to install fender liner silencer.

Removed the clips and the bottom that you can actually get the wheel insert out. And then you can actually access the bumper easily and you’ll have plenty of room in here to remove the bumper. Don’t forget to remove the retaining clip on the back side.

The fender liner is pushed down, we can actually get it all the way out and you’ll see that even with the wheel to get the bumper out. This is actually the best way you don’t need your wheel removed at all, you can see there’s plenty of room here to work to get the bumper off and getting the fender liner off with the wheel.

You don’t need to remove the fender liner completely to get this in, just make sure the longest portion of it is up top and this short portion goes into the fender. Place it in the Internet just start to tuck it in around the fender liner, once it all goes into the fender liner, you can start putting it into position and properly.

Make sure this goes all the way into the fender line and you’re going to start to move this into the fender liner and it’ll start to go into position on its own, it just fits perfectly where it’s supposed to and they get it up in there. The silencer is now in place and everything is good to go and now we can put the fender liner back on.

Now we’re putting the fender liner back in when you put the fender liner back up, you will slide the weird retaining up inside and push it and tuck it behind the fender.

It will go behind the fender, it’s like a bracket that goes behind the bumper. You can just bend it backward be careful not to scrape the paint and you’ll hear it snap in place, and then we can just go ahead and put the front behind the splash guard.

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