How to Install High Beam Led Headlight Bulbs on Dodge Charger

I just got my packet of f2 LED headlight bulbs. These H11 led bulbs are bought for my Dodge Charger from low lighting. They’re with a driver and you have to shove all this wiring in.

I will show you, I remove the housing and even though that driver was pretty big. I was able to tuck everything in, the driver down around the four o’clock position and the wires just wrap around so the fan could function.

Next, I will put the car and drive, that is low beams no fog lights. I’m about halfway down my driveway right now to give you an idea that fence I would say the white fence is maybe about a hundred and fifty feet away.

They are with the high beams only on the fog lights go out when the high beams go on, and this is pure white light when I’m looking at it with the naked eye. They really look so we’re walking toward it coming right on them and remember on the Dodge Charger or two separate bulbs. When we get really close there’s both the high beam and the low beam, they’re even going to get better.

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