How to Install H13 Led Conversion Kit in 5th Gen Dodge Charger Car Headlight

Although you should leave some vehicle repairs to professionals – such as replacing fuel injectors – there are some jobs you can do yourself. The instructions for installing h13 headlight bulbs for most Dodge Charger models are very similar and require few if any, tools. Consult the owner’s manual for your specific Charger model for its useful diagrams.

Dodge Charger


  • Lift the bonnet and secure it with the hood prop.
  • Remove all bolts, screws, or fasteners that secure the headlight assembly to the car. The Grand Prix has two screws from the top of the set. For the Grand Am, you must first remove the splash guard by unhooking the two closures at the top of the screen. Then access and pull up the two retaining clips above the assembly. The G6, for example, requires the removal of the entire front fascia, while access to the bulb in the solstice and Vibe only involves opening the hood.
  • Pull the headlight assembly from the front car.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the bulb assembly. The Grand Prix has a plastic tab you must lift to remove the connector. For other models, the connector can remove.
  • Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and remove it from the assembly.
  • Remove the old bulb. It can be extracted directly without converting.
  • Install the new 6000K h13 led bulb. Push in the socket until it clicks into place.
  • Reinstall the bulb assembly and headlight assembly by performing the steps you used to remove them, conversely.

Dodge Charger Car Headlight

Tips and warnings

Do not touch the part of the bulb. Finger fat can cause the focus to burn. If you accidentally touch the glass, clean it with a clean cloth and alcohol.


High quality LED headlight can give the correct beam alignment and would not blind the oncoming driver. The most terrible dangerous headlights would blind the oncoming drivers, that cause a traffic accident. When there are some issues in your headlight, you need to restore by professional, it is a wise way rather than throw them away. You will get the new headlight look without having to pay the new headlight price.

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