Installing Front Splitter Lip install on Dodge Charger | Car Tuning

Today I’m finally installing the front splitter and one of the first pieces that about a carbon send me months ago. I started with this and all it is it just line up the front splitter, it’s recommended to do with two people but right now I’m by myself, I’m going to get start it.

On this side and little by little I will move forward or close this up and then close the middle hole see how it goes. This side first I put the jack in the middle to hold it in place, this side is still loose, I got a few more screws from the bottom, it is you drill screws from the knee.

I put the pants back on this is a screw in firm lip from above the carbon and I have more pieces to install. I finished with the rear diffuser; wheels are very dirty I have to wash them. Some rivets with the gun make a couple extra holes and add on rivets to secure a little bit more or put more screws with bolts on. It should be okay cause the splitter is flush with the bumper.

It doesn’t like the other diffuser hole lift that it’s detached from the bumper and it’s hard to keep from the car. So, I hit every pothole, I needed is something to go flush with the bumper and this will do it and it’s a little higher than the other one.

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