How to Change a Fog Light in 7th Gen Dodge Charger

Today we’re going to go over how to remove the front bumper and place a fog light of a 2011 Dodge Charger r/t all-wheel-drive. We’re going to need some tools to do, we need a 10 millimeter 7millimeter need something to pry out of the little plastic tabs, something to keep all the little bits and pieces together. I’m gonna using a little smaller inch impact driver to get everything out.

How to Change a Fog Light in 7th Gen Dodge Charger

To start any to pull off these two covers and then do the same on the other side. Next up you have to remove the four clips so you can use a specialty tool, you can use screwdrivers wherever you want just be careful when they release, you can lose them pretty easy. Next step go over to the wheel whale, there are some ten millimeter bolt that we’ll have to pull out.

How to Change a Fog Light in 7th Gen Dodge Charger

After you pull out the little plastic things, you have to pull the liner away to access that ten millimeter bolt. You got to pop that out bolts out repeat the same thing on the other side, next there are little seven millimeter bolts on the bottom of the car.┬áThe last step is to peel the bumper cover away from the car. I found it easy to use some trim removal tools to part out. This made it a little easier to get some leverage in there to pry it out, so do that on both sides. And then the cover will come off. I’ll go to the other side and do the other one.

Once the front bumpers off, just be careful when you’re pulling them off that you pull your fog light, disconnect off before you let it out. I sorta have to cut that and put a new connector on and it looks like these are just standard Phillips, they’re not Torxso replace the fog lights.

How to Change a Fog Light in 7th Gen Dodge Charger

This is the old fog light, it wasn’t holding the log in firmly so that’s why I ended up replacing it. When you put it back together they’re two little plastic tabs make sure you get those in and then it’s just reverse process from the start. Just get all your tabs in and then I’m doing some work, just get it to fit in properly and with that we got two new replacement H7 led bulbs. Everything’s buttoned back up put back together.

If you want to check out all the led light bulbs used in this test. Here are the link:

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