Tips to Change a 9005 Headlight Bulbs on 2006-2007 Dodge Charger

Under normal conditions, lights in the 2006-2007 Dodge Charger must last three years or more. Damage to the headlight bulb most often occurs from poor road conditions. Traveling on dirt roads can also repeatedly shake head bulbs, causing them to burn. Loose headlight plugs can also cause your Charger’s headlights to burn out, as water and dirt can get on the headlight assembly. Changing a low beam 9005 headlight bulb in your 2006-2007 Dodge Charger should take 30 minutes or less to complete at home.

Dodge Charger


Removal procedure

Turn on the power of your headlights briefly to identify the bulb in need of change. Turn on the reverse and lift the hood of the car. Locate the black or negative post cable in the car battery.

Loosen and remove the terminal of the negative battery cable with a socket wrench. Hold the cable with one hand to prevent it from coming into contact with any other metal. With your free hand, use some electrical tape to wrap the entire metal end of the cable. You should not see any visible metal after engraving the terminal.

Disconnect the headlight harness from the back of the headlight assembly. You can do this by taking the harness plug between two fingers. At the same time, lift the safety clip on the harness of the plug up, while pulling the plug outward and out of the headlight bulb.

Unlock the headlamp bulb clamp collar, fix it on the headlight assembly. Turn your neck against the clock a quarter of a turn – you should feel it unlock itself. Remove the collar and put it to the side of your work area.

Remove the headlight bulb from the headlight optics slowly so that you do not break the bulb. The bulb has rubber o-rings around its base, so you may have to move a little to get it out of the headlight lens.

Dodge Charger

Installation procedure

Inspect the headlight bulb wiring harness for all visible signs of damage. The cables should not have broken wraps. If they do, you should replace the cables or securely wrap them with electrical tape. Check the headlight assembly for signs of water damage. If water has entered the assembly, it must replace before installing a new bulb.

Put on a pair of new latex gloves. Carefully insert the new 9005 led bulb conversion through the hole in the mounting lens. Push the bulb until it fully seats in the headlight assembly.

Slide the clamp collar back over the 9005 headlight bulb. Once your neck is seated, turn a quarter turn to the right. You should feel the neck lock in place. It will not go any further when it is locked in place.

Connect your headlight harness to the new bulb until you hear a clicking sound. This step lets you know the safety clip in the harness has participated properly. If you do not hear the click, visually inspect the safety clip to ensure that more of the small notch has involved in the led car headlight bulb socket.

Remove all insulating tape from the terminal of the negative battery cable. Set your torque wrench 3/8 inches from the unit to 12 foot-pounds. Tighten the terminal bolt with your hand until it is snug, and then use your torque wrench to fix the wire to its position in the battery. Turn on the headlamp power to check the repair. Repeat this entire procedure to change your other headlight, if necessary.

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Tips and warnings

  • To avoid doing this repair again in the coming months, you must change both headlights at once. When one of its headlights burns, the other will usually also fail soon. Changing both headlights creates a specific maintenance schedule and waits for your next repair.
  • Your hands have dirt and natural oils in them, even if they appear clean. Never handle a headlight bulb with bare hands. If dirt or oil rises to the headlight bulb, start with a fresh bulb. A contaminated bulb may break or explode inside the headlight assembly when the headlight power turned on.

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